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al.IA.n is a creative freelance agency service that takes into account the new challenges of communication in the face of the emergence of artificial intelligence on the one hand and the power of user-generated content (UGC) on the other hand. al.IA.n supports you in developing creative themes and ideas to strengthen your marketing on social media by producing the necessary materials such as videos and other media for your digital or integrated communication campaigns, and taking care of digital distribution by integrating SEO experts, audience analysis and engagement strategies into its team.

al.IA.n helps you create interactions between your company and your audiences and can also take care of managing your communities. Finally, al.IA.n also offers creative services to generate buzz and consumer experiences in event contexts, point-of-sale animations, and various contests.

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​​PES electrical bollards


Ikea - Arlon Retail Park 

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Don't be a serial-killer


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Wort Immo


Wort Immo


Wort Immo


Wort Immo


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​Learn a little more about the profile behind the al.IA.n services"

al.IA.n* is my first name with the French acronym for A.I. My name is Alain Caviggia and I have been active in the advertising world for over 22 years as a designer, art director, video producer, and event promoter. I have extensive experience in digital and interactive activations aimed at providing unforgettable experiences for audiences. I produce and direct videos and also develop scripts and handle post-production. I bring together a range of skills to create integrated and/or digital campaigns that take into account the challenges of new communication practices. I can also put together a complete team for your projects and manage them.

I trained myself through many agencies such as Saatchi, Ogilvy, Grey, Emakina, CherryandCake, in Belgium, but also in Luxembourg among others. I have worked for advertisers and projects for national and international campaigns for brands such as Fedex, Perrier, Ford, Opel, Eurostar, Samsung, ... Several of my creative concepts have been awarded in various international competitions. This highlights the interest of the profession in my conceptual approach. I continue to be amazed by new technologies and techniques that can serve our communication professions!

the "Moultipass" for atypical ideas!

​Why did I choose the name al.IA.n for my freelance service?

Because with imagination, you can find the acronym for A.I. (artificial intelligence) in my first name, which allows me to bring a touch of fantasy and draw a parallel between the reactive capacity offered by A.I. and my abilities to quickly respond creatively to your requests. Additionally, this name also made me think of the word "Alien" due to its similarity. This word is used to name something that is surprising, which comes from another planet. A bit like what I can offer in my atypical, out-of-the-box, original, disrup-tive, and not necessarily conformist creative approach. And finally, I am a fan of science fiction. So why not have some fun!